My name is Manon Dumas and I am a proud Quebecer and Montrealer, living in Canada for nearly my entire life.

I am also the Founder and President of ARIANNE Relocation Canada, a relocation assistance service that welcomes newcomers to Canada.

Welcome to the Living in Canada Blog. This blog is about sharing Canadian culture and day-to-day life with you. It is also full of suggestions and tips on how to successfully relocate to Canada.

I have personally welcomed hundreds of expatriate families to their new lives in Canada, many of which chose to make Canada their new home. Through the eyes of these newcomers I have gained a new appreciation and respect for this wonderful country.  It is for good reason that Canadian cities are regularly highly ranked in various quality of life surveys. (

We dedicate the Living in Canada Blog to all newcomers to Canada and welcome your stories, feedback and questions.



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