Renting a car in Montréal

Although public transport in the city of Montréal is very convenient and affordable, Québec (and Canada as a whole) covers a vast area, so if you are planning to leave the city, you might want to consider renting a car. A popular alternative to buying a vehicle, car rental is fairly easy in Montréal, and saves the difficulties of parking or keeping a car in the city permanently. For newcomers, it is quite common to rent a car in order to go furniture shopping or large-scale grocery shopping to stock up the larder of your new home.

There are many different companies for renting a car in Montréal. Almost all of them will ask you to have a credit card if you are under 21.

Before you rent a car, always ask the company to tell you the absolute final price, meaning the price including taxes, insurance, and mileage, which are habitually left off any list pricing. You might also pay more if you want a second driver.

Here is a short (and not exhaustive) list of car rental companies in Montréal:







Location Légaré


Auto Plateau


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