Quebec Health Services: CLSC and CSSS

When you relocate to Quebec health services other than the medicare system are available to you and your family. It is good to know your options as there may be additional health services that you require, and instead of going to a clinic (public or private), you may be able to find with you need at the CLSC or one of the CSSS’s service centres.

The CSSS (Centre de santé et de services sociaux) health and social service centres, are the link between the CLSC clinics, public residential centres (CHSLDs), youth centres, rehabilitation centres, specialized and general care hospitals within their territories. Their aim is to be able to provide the assistance the public needs in order to gain access as quickly as possible to social and health services, and make sure their services are of the highest possible quality, including those provided to residents of their long-term care and residential centres, while encouraging the public to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They also make it their mission to work in conjunction with local and regional partners, in order to contribute to improving the public health within their territory.

CLSC stands for Centre Local de Services Communautaires (local community service centre) and is a kind of community health care. It is a part of the health and social service centres (CSSS) in Quebec that provide social services and health services at their locations but also in schools, work places, and homes. The province of Quebec has 147 locations, which are run and sustained by the government of Quebec, providing many services. Their services include:

Nursing care, blood tests, blood tests, morning-after contraception, medical consultations (with or without appointments), reintegration and rehabilitation and public health activities amongst others.

For more information on the CSSS, CLSC and to find Quebec health and social services and locations click here

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