School Transportation in Montreal

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You are certainly worried about letting your children go to school on their own, moreover in a city where you just moved and that you don’t know. What means of transport will they use? How much will it cost? Will they be under the supervision of someone? Etc. These are all questions that we will answer.

Familiar with these yellow buses? Yes, they are part of the “cliché” of American schools, and they will promote the insertion of your children in the Canadian school system.

School transportation in Montreal is free. It is indeed funded by the transport and education departments and organized by private bus companies such as Chartrand Inc. However be careful, the exercise of free choice of school doesn’t allow you to benefit from school transportation. Thus, only students whose school was determined by the commission scolaire de Montréal (school board) will benefit from the school bus.

Rules for safety are strict and controlled by the ministry of transports itself, which contributes to the funding of bus safety and the safety around schools.

On the way to school, students are protected by one of the 521 school crossing guards distributed on the Montreal territory. These employees of the municipality are responsible for the safety of your children on their way to school in managing traffic and ensuring the welfare of your children. Note that if there is a distance between your home and the bus stop, the commission scolaire de Montréal (school board) places school crossing guards at the busiest intersections.

School transportation is open to all children of preschool and first and second grades of primary school if they live at least one kilometer from their school and to pupils in third and fourth grades of primary school residing more than 1.6 km from their school.

For the fifth and sixth grades, the Province pays 70% of the cost of public transportation if your children live at least 1.6km from their school.

If you are interested in school transportation, don’t forget to apply to your school during registration. This will ensure that your little darlings go to school safely and with pleasure.

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