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Top 10 Quebec Spots to Enjoy the Blazing Colours of Fall

There is nothing, literally nothing like the fall season in Quebec. How not to be ravished by the beautiful light and myriad of hues the trees take when temperatures start getting colder and sap starts retiring? From fiery red to maroon to yellow, ochre and brown, all trees undergo the spectacular changes of leaf-colour, for the greatest pleasure of our eyes. But the unchallenged stars of the season are our national symbols: the maple and birch trees.

The best way to enjoy the blazing colours of fall is to go hiking or simply walking through the woods anywhere in Quebec from mid-September to mid-October. It is definitely a favourite among family activities in this season. Children always love crunching dry leaves under their little feet or rolling down the hills to crash in a heap of leaves, but singles and lovers alike will be enthused by the poetry of falling leaves in the wind and by the scents of nature gently drifting off to sleep before the winter sets in.

The difficulty is in finding the right moment to organize your blazing colours activity. You can use the Weather Network tracking tools and maps to follow the evolution of the colours according to the regions.

Here is our Top 10 of the best spots to enjoy the blazing colours of fall in Quebec, very often offering seasonal activities and family-fun: feel free to comment and even add some!

  1. Mont Orford National Park and Magog, Eastern Townships. The Eastern Townships are THE spot to enjoy the blazing colours. Try also the beautiful and team-favourite villages of Ayer’s Cliff and North Hatley.
  2. Mont Tremblant National Park, Laurentians. Another hotspot for the colours. Full of Montrealers in the weekend!
  3. Mont Royal Park, Montréal. No need to go very far to have a great experience; perhaps it’s all the better for its proximity.
  4. Saguenay National Park, Saguenay-Lac St Jean. Enjoy the colours and a panoramic view on the Fjord!
  5. St Joseph du Lac, Laurentians. Manon’s favourite apple-picking spot!
  6. Kamouraska, Bas St Laurent. Enjoy the blazing colours and the sunset on the St Lawrence in one of the authentic little restaurants along the shore.
  7. Le Massif, Charlevoix, or Mont St Anne, near Quebec City. More of a hike than a walk, but the view on the St Lawrence is worth it.
  8. Bic National Park, Bas St Laurent. Bird-watching, seal-watching and even whale-watching if you are lucky!
  9. Mont St Bruno National Park, Montérégie. A jewel in suburban St Bruno, real nature thirty minutes from Montreal!
  10. Montebello, Outaouais. If you can, stay at the Fairmount Hotel, the luxury version of the log cabin.

For more information on the national parks, contact the SEPAQ.

Photo credit: Gwen Lelu

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