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The media in Montreal: bilingual newspapers

Montreal’s newspapers reflect the spirit of the city: there is a colourful, diverse and bilingual press. As Montrealers are (or tend to be) bilingual, Montreal’s press has to offer content for the entire population. When I talk about bilingual press, I don’t mean that Montreal’s newspapers are published in both French and English, but French and English newspapers coexist with no problem.

Montrealers don’t necessarily read one newspaper more than another; they can easily switch from getting an Anglophone magazine on Monday to feeling like reading some Francophone news the following day.

I have organized a list of newspapers from Montreal, the same way I did with Toronto: according to their frequency.

Daily newspapers:

The Gazette – Anglophone daily newspaper

La Presse – Francophone daily newspaper

Le Journal de Montréal – Francophone daily newspaper

Le Devoir – Francophone daily newspaper

Métro – Free Francophone daily newspaper

24 Heures – Free Francophone daily newspaper

Weekly papers:

The Suburban – Cultural Anglophone newspaper

Hour – Cultural Anglophone newspaper

Montreal Mirror – Cultural Anglophone newspaper

Voir – Cultural Francophone newspaper

Ici – Cultural Francophone newspaper

Others (community papers):

The Monitor – Anglophone weekly newspaper serving the West End Montreal

Phoenicia – Trilingual (French, English, Arabic) weekly newspaper

Québécois Libre – Francophone monthly newspaper

BHMA – Greek weekly newspaper

Westmount Examiner – Anglophone weekly newspaper serving Westmount

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