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Winter activities in Canada

Without wanting to overlap with our existing blog on skiing resorts near Montréal; we wanted to outline some of the other popular winter activities in Canada, as skiing is just one of many things to do during the long snowy season. In fact, there are plenty of ways to amuse yourself between winter snowstorms: [...]

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Ice hockey in Canada: a religion?

After the amazing performance of the Canadian teams in men’s and women’s hockey at the Pyongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, and right when the NHL has just started again after the Olympic break, we thought it was the perfect moment to talk about hockey. We'll be reminding you this week about the cultural importance [...]

Let’s go to the swimming pool

Nature has finally awoken from its long winter slumber, and it feels good! Now it’s time to prepare for the warmer months of the year, because summer is coming at full speed! First things first: locate the nearest source of refreshment! Here are some tips: Montreal boasts a total of 74 outdoor pools, 116 [...]

Practicing sport in Vancouver

Sport is vital, sport is needed, sport is everywhere in Vancouver! As the largest city of British Columbia and one of the most attractive metropolis in Canada, Vancouver offers an almost infinite range of sport  activities, clubs, fitness centers or natural spots to practice whatever you want. The municipality is also greatly involved in [...]