The REM train and Montreal real estate

In April 2018, construction began on the Réseau express métropolitain, or REM train, in Montreal. The massive, $6 billion infrastructure project promises to bring huge improvements to the city's public transportation network, with more tracks, new metro stations, and links with suburban neighbourhoods not previously connected to Montreal's rapid transit system. The REM project [...]

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The Cost of Living in Calgary vs Vancouver

Western Canada, one of the last frontiers of our planet. Until just a hundred years ago, it was still little more than a smattering of fur traders, cowboys and a great variety of First Nations peoples. Beyond the Great Lakes of Ontario and Quebec, and the open prairies of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the country [...]

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Toronto Suburbs for Affordable Housing

With the average price of a detached home in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) hovering around $1.4 million, and prices in the city's most desirable neighbourhoods reaching even higher, many families are having to shop elsewhere. Toronto's affordability crisis is no secret. Residents and policy makers are certainly aware of the problem. In 2017, [...]

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Canadian Real Estate Prices: Spring 2019

Canada enjoys one of the most prosperous and stable economies in the world. And strict financial regulations do a good job of protecting Canadians from the kind of housing collapse and crisis that struck the U.S. back in 2008. But the Canadian real estate market can fluctuate just like anywhere else in the world. [...]

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Killarney vs. Kitsilano: Family friendly neighbourhoods of Vancouver

If you are moving to Vancouver with a family, one of the first things you'll need to do is decide on a neighbourhood. Like most Canadian cities, Vancouver consists of many different districts and quarters. Some parts of town are more suitable for hipsters and young professionals, and other neighbourhoods like Killarney and Kitsilano [...]

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Corporate Housing in Canada

Every year, thousands of employees relocate to Canada to fill positions for international corporations. Some of those workers will stay permanently and may choose to buy a home or sign a long-term rental contract. But when you move to Canada to fill a temporary position, finding short-term accommodations will be an important priority. Many [...]

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Don Mills: One of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods for families

Many describe Canada as nation of immigrants. And rightly so. In major cities like Toronto, nearly half the population was born outside of Canada. Equally, we can call Toronto a city of neighbourhoods. True enough. The city officially recognizes 140 designated neighbourhoods. Include the unofficial neighbourhoods, and the total rises to about 240. So [...]

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Close up on Westmount, Montreal

If you're new to Montreal, it's important to understand that this is a city of neighbourhoods. One of the most ethnically diverse urban areas in North America, Montreal has its English-speaking communities and then it has its French neighbourhoods. And then you have a whole spectrum of ethnic neighbourhoods populated primarily by first and second [...]

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