Quebec Health Services: CLSC and CSSS

When you relocate to Quebec, health services other than the medicare system are available to you and your family through the RAMQ. It is important to know your options, as there may be additional health services that you require, and instead of going to a clinic (public or private), you may be able to [...]

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Health Insurance in Ontario: OHIP

When you relocate, knowing about the Ontario healthcare system is very important, as it will most likely be different from your home country. The government-run Ontario Health Insurance Plan, or OHIP, covers most basic and emergency medical services in, and outside of Ontario, provided they are needed for medical reasons. OHIP also permits healthcare [...]

Pharmacies in Quebec

When you relocate to Quebec, something that you will most certainly need to know about are the pharmacies. At a pharmacy in Quebec, you can find everything from food products and pet foods, to baby care, body care, hair care, make-up and perfume, vitamins, housecleaning products, and of course, the pharmacy where you can [...]

Healthcare in Alberta

Healthcare in Alberta, in conformance with the Canada Health Act, is a public healthcare system that is available to all eligible residents of the province, and all new and returning residents are required to be registered for healthcare in Alberta. You may want to consider getting private health insurance for your family as the [...]

Healthcare in Nova Scotia

The healthcare in Nova Scotia is administered and directed by the Medavie Blue Cross (on behalf of government of Nova Scotia) and the Department of Health and Wellness. Healthcare in Nova Scotia is available to eligible residents of the province, and as a provincially funded public healthcare system. This means that the cost of [...]

Healthcare in British Columbia

Health Insurance BC is the main administrative office of healthcare in British Columbia. It is a combination of five authorities that plan, coordinate and regionally govern 16 healthcare service delivery areas, working together with the Provincial Health Service Authority, which is in charge of the specialized provincial programs and services. The healthcare system is [...]

Quebec Healthcare System

When relocating to Canada, it is necessary to learn about the healthcare system, as it will probably be different from the country you are coming from. The RAMQ - the Quebec Health Insurance Board (Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec in French) - is the public office that maintains the Quebec healthcare system, offered [...]