Bring Your Own Wine restaurants in Canada

One of the most appreciated concepts in Canada is the 'Bring Your Own Wine' (BYOW) or 'Bring Your Own Beer' (BYOB) restaurant. As the name suggests, these restaurants allow you to bring your own bottle of wine or beer to accompany your meal. The BYOW and BYOB concept bring benefits for both you and [...]

Canadian Cuisine: A culinary journey through Montréal

We start our culinary tour of Montréal in Le Plateau-Mile-End. Here you can get fresh hot bagels 24 hours a day. There are two competing traditional-style bagel stores: Fairmount bagel offers more than 20 different varieties of bagels, and St.-Viateur Bagel owns several bagel shops all over Montréal. Yummy! We continue our journey down St Laurent [...]

Sunday morning it’s brunch time!

It’s Sunday, the best day of the week: no annoying alarm clock and no obligations to fulfill today! So why shouldn’t you start this wonderful day with an authentic Canadian Brunch? Invite some of your friends over (brunch is definitely a social event here) and let’s get this started! Here are the basic ingredients [...]

Who is that Tim Hortons you have coffee with every morning?

It is early in the morning; you just left the house, rushing to the next bus or subway station. Once you got on the public transport you realize that there are many people around you, holding red coffee mugs. Maybe there was just a coffee shop at the corner. 9am at work: coffee time! [...]

Gastronomy in Calgary

Calgary displays an astronomic amount of culinary alternatives and there is not a single geographic region or specific cuisine which is not fairly represented there. May you be in search for a quick, yet fresh and well-balanced lunch, a tasteful brunch or a romantic candlelight dinner, the gastronomy of Calgary invites you to enjoy [...]