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Maple Syrup: Sugar Shacks in Québec

One of the greatest advantages of relocating to Québec is that the world’s best maple syrup is never in short supply! As one of the largest maple syrup suppliers, Québec produces over 70% of the world’s best pancake topping, and about 90% of the total maple syrup production in Canada.

There are many ways you can enjoy maple, from cooking new recipes to making it an outdoor experience with Québec’s Sugar Shacks. Sugar Shacks are a great family outing in the spring time in Québec, and a way that you can enjoy Québec’s maple syrup first hand. Around the middle of March when the weather starts to warm up during the day but is still cold at night, maple trees’ sap begins to rise. This sap is then boiled into a syrup, a sugar, a taffy and a butter.

When you go to a Sugar Shack, you are provided a full experience of freshly made maple syrup. There is fresh maple taffy that has been chilled outside, music, teachings on how maple syrup is made, tours, as well as sleigh rides through the woods, and of course, plenty of tastings to be had!

If history is something that you have a true passion for, in Vieux-Québec there is a maple museum called Délices Erable & Cie. As a one of a kind maple museum in North America, there is a history of the production of maple syrup, maple samples, and so many things to discover abut the wonderful maple tree, that you may not have known!

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