Relocating a dog to Canada can seem like a big task. Take a look at some of the tips below to better prepare and make this task easier on yourself and your family..

NOTE: We have consolidated our advice for moving pets to Canada in a more complete blog HERE.

Things to consider for relocating a dog:

  • The cost of relocating your pup to Canada in many cases, can be as, or even more expensive than moving yourself.
  • Make sure your dog has an identification tag with a phone number where you can be reached incase he or she gets lost.
  • When you arrive in Canada and have you dog at home with you, try to keep a routine while your pooch adjusts to its new home.
  • You may not be able to get your dogs regular food once you relocate, so think about bringing some in your suitcase, and mixing it with a new brand so your pet can get used to the new taste.
  • Once relocated to Canada, acclimatizing your dog is going to be necessary, especially if you have come from a warm climate into the winter months.
  • A dog jacket will be a useful in helping them adjust to the cold winters.
  • Animal booties are a good investment because the salt on the road can hurt the paws of your pet, as if it is their first winter, they will not have built up callous’s for the ice and snow.

Having these things in mind, know that Canada is a very puppy friendly country, with many public places, restaurants and stores allowing dogs inside! You’ll also find a slew of hotels that allow your animal to stay with you when you go on vacation – that is if you want to bring your furry friend!

For more information about rules and regulations on relocating cats to Canada, see pet imports.

Photo Credit: Unsplash