NOTE: We have consolidated our advice for moving pets to Canada in a more complete blog HERE.

When relocating to Canada, mustn’t forget that your cat will need special attention during and after the move so he or she can adjust to living in a new country. Not only do you need to think about the immigration aspects, such as vaccinations and paperwork, but you also need to keep in mind that once you arrive in Canada, and settle in your home, it will take extra love and care to help your pet adjust.

Things to consider for relocating a cat to Canada:

  • The cost of relocating a cat to Canada, in many cases can be as, or even more expensive than moving yourself.
  • Try keeping your cat in just one room, for a while with their litter box, toys, food and water – this will make your pet feel safe, and make the adjusting period much shorter.
  • If your cat was allowed to wander outdoors, you may want to keep it inside for a few months until it learns where its new home is, and how to get there.
  • Canada has many wild animals, and not all of them will think your pet is a friend. If you are going to allow your cat to go outside, keep this is mind, and make sure it has not been declawed so it can protect itself if need be.
  • Remember to make sure identification tags are up to date with your new phone number in case you need to be reached.
  • Stores such as Nature Pet and Mondou are two stores where you will be able to find beds, food, toys, etc, for your cat that you could not bring with your from your home country

With these things in mind, your feline friends relocation can go as smoothly as yours does, and as long are you are near to curl up with, you cat will soon feel right at home!

Photo Credit: Unsplash