Different neighbourhoods of Toronto

The city of Toronto is located in the province of Ontario; it’s the fifth most populous city in North America. Toronto is considered to be the economic capital of the country.

As many North American cities, Toronto is divided geometrically; its borders are formed by Lake Ontario to the south.

As expressed by many architects and specialists, the city has no proper architectural style; the Toronto neighbourhoods express different styles, life styles and atmospheres. The neighbourhoods of Toronto all have a special identity, mainly thanks to the city’s cultural minorities.

Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods! It is hard to name all of them as there are about 160 neighbourhoods in Toronto. Some of the neighbourhoods began as villages or towns and are now part of the city of Toronto.

We can name 11 different large neighbourhoods in Toronto (former municipalities). In those neighbourhoods there are between 5 to 20 areas.

Those 11 large neighbourhoods of Toronto are: Etobicoke, North York, York, West (limited to the south by Lake Ontario), North, Central, Downtown (old city of Toronto), East York, East, Scaborough and the suburbs.

The historic core of the city (downtown) remains the most densely populated area in Toronto.

As you may guess, being the largest city in Canada, Toronto has a lot of different cultural communities, therefore, like in many big cities; Toronto has a little Italy, little India, Financial district, Chinatown, Greektown (Danforth), Koreatown, Portugal village etc…

Photo Credit: Wikipedia (Annex houses in Toronto)

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