Gardening in Canada

When you relocate, do not think it is impossible to enjoy gardening in Canada! Take into consideration there are some different rules of thumb for success, due to the drastic differences in the seasons. Remember that best time to be gardening in Canada is the early fall or late spring months – the days are cool, but the sun is warm enough to help the plants grow roots for the season, or before the winter sets in.

Green Tips of the Trade for gardening in Canada:
– Annuals and will only last one season.
– Perennial plants which will grow/flower for multiple spring and summer seasons.
– Check the kind of plants you are buying, especially if you are planting in the fall!
– Try planting a mix of annuals, perennials, and even trees, shrubs and bushes (such as wooly thyme, witch hazel, and green mountain boxwoods) that will stay green during the winter and give your yard beauty in the summer
– Dandelions are not going anywhere, except all over your garden! Weed killer probably won’t work, but try to mow the lawn before they grow and flower to stop the seeds spreading.
– Check the plant hardiness zone of where you live so you can choose plants that will live well in your area. (In Canada, there are 9 zones – 0 being the harshest cold, and 8 being the mildest cold – there are also sub-zones in some areas).

Gardening in Canada may seem tricky as winter approaches, but there are some preparations you can make so as to ensure that your plants stay healthy through the winter.
– Rake your grass. Clearing up leaves so that the lawn gets plenty of sunlight in the fall will ensure good growth in the next season – you can even shred and save these leaves and use them as a mulch to cover flower beds.
– Cut back or remove annuals from the garden when they are finished. This will stop them spreading seed or taking over.
– Leave your perennials as long as you can before cutting them back.
– If the weather is dry, keep watering your garden! Plenty of hydration will help your plants survive through the winter.

A Green Thumbs-Up to you, your garden gnome, and the pleasures of gardening in Canada!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia (Butchart Garden)

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Living in Montreal since 2005 after France and the United States, I want to share with you how much I love Canada and my advice to successfully immigrate to Canada!

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