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Furnishing a house in Montréal

There are so many things to consider when buying or renting a house in Montréal, from choosing the neighborhood you like, to deciding on an apartment (otherwise called a “condo” in Canada), town house, or full-sized home…the choices are endless. This means that when it comes to furniture in Montréal, furnishing a house can seem a challenging task. From the kitchen and bathrooms to the bedroom and lounge areas, no matter the size, there is a lot to consider.

Renting Furniture in Montréal:

The first option is renting furniture in Montréal. This can sound odd to those immigrating to the city, however it is a worry-free, and reasonably time-friendly task. Stores such as Montréal Furniture Rental, Easy Home, and Lux Rentals offer furnishings from simple and inexpensive, to contemporary and designer-inspired style. The majority of rental stores also offer the choice of renting appliances.

Buying Furniture in Montréal:

If you are planning on staying and decide you will be buying furniture in Montréal, stores such as IKEA and The Brick offer furnishings for purchase at the cheaper end of the scale, and often have great sales. Home Sense is another place to find great deals on furniture, linens, and every accessory you’ll need from outdoors to the kitchen. With these stores on hand, finding irresistible and wallet-friendly style for your house will be a breeze. Brault et Martineau and LaZboy, while a little more expensive, offer a beautiful selection of furniture for your home. Then, at the designer end of the scale, stores such as JCPerreault and Bonaldo are a great place to look if the style you’re searching for is unique, abstract or imported.

If you prefer a more exotic style and have time to spend browsing for the perfect furniture pieces, why not take a look at Turquoise décor on boulevard St-Laurent, with imports from Thailand, Morocco, Mexico and Tibet to name a few. Rue Notre-Dame West’s Grand Central Inc. is also a great place to look for antique, ornate and original pieces that can help bring your style together.

Although at times it may seem like a grey cloud is looming over your head, there is a silver lining; when looking for furniture in Montréal, there are options for every budget, no matter how much time you have to spend.

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