Before you buy a house

When I want to buy something, I’m like a little kid: nothing can stop me; I want it, now, no matter what people tell me. Of course, when the “thing” is a house, you have to be more careful. Here a few steps to follow before you buy a house in Canada.

The location.

When you look for a house, you generally select an area where you would like to live. Always think about the ways to reach your workplace; if there is a metro station / bus stop close to the house; if there are facilities for your kids nearby, if there is a hospital, fire station in the area.

If you don’t know the area, visit it at different hours to check if it is safe. Remember that the neighbourhood has an impact on the price you can sell your house.

New or existing?

You have to choose between a new and an already existing house. If you want to buy a new one, there is a 7% (GPS) on it, but you can have a price cut if the price of the house is $ 450,000 or less.

The house itself

Think about checking the air (if it’s not too humid), the roof, floor, the walls, if the heating works well, if the windows open easily, the water pressure…before you decide to buy the house.

Once you have checked that the house is not unhealthy, that you can start thinking about decorating your new place and that everything is organized for the purchase; now you are ready to buy a house!

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Living in Montreal since 2005 after France and the United States, I want to share with you how much I love Canada and my advice to successfully immigrate to Canada!

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