Travelling in Canada by bus or by train

Canada is a big country, it’s the second largest country in the world, so it takes a bit longer to visit, of course!

Even though there are 3694 kms (2295 miles) from Montreal to Vancouver, you will want to travel in Canada; to discover the different regions, different environments, different accents, food and people.

There are many ways to travel in Canada: by bus, train,  plane,  car,  boat,  bike… What’s most common is to take a bus to travel in Canada. Being in the cities or to travel from a city to another,  in Canada the bus is the most convenient mean of transportation.

Bus in Canada not only is the cheapest way to travel, but it also offers more destinations. Several bus companies offer to travel in Canada and to the USA.


They have more than 3100 locations in North America. You can get up to 50% discount by booking in advance. Discounts are available for students, families, web bookings…

Coach Canada

Fewer destinations than Greyhound. The company offers city sightseeing tours in Montreal, NYC, Chicago and Pittsburgh.


A lot of American destinations.

Orleans Express

Ontario Northland

Only for Ontario

You can also chose to go by train; they are a bit more expensive and slower than buses (especially when you know the long distance there is between two Canadian big cities…), but they are more comfortable.

If you go for the train, there is only one company: VIA RAIL

If you want to travel in Canada, in a short period of time, you can get a CanRailpass. There are three different passes:

  • Quebec – Windsor Corridor zone

You get seven one way tickets to be used within 10 days. It costs $337.

  • High Season (June 1st – Oct. 15)

You get seven one way tickets to be used within 21 days. It costs $941 (Valid for the whole country)

  • Low Season (Oct. 16 – May 31st)

You get seven one way tickets to be used within 21 days. It costs $588 (Valid for the whole country)

There are other possibilities to travel: by plane; renting a car,  going on a boat,  riding a bicycle…

These topics will be covered in other entries…stay tuned !

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