The Muslim Community and Halal Restaurants of Montréal

The Muslim community in Montréal has a population of well over 100,000 people, with strong ties to both their history and political matters. The Islamic center of Quebec is located in the St. Laurent borough of Montréal, offering services from prayer times, to marriage and burial services, while the Muslim Council of Montreal keeps people up to date on recent news and events in the Muslim community. Concordia and McGill universities both boast large Muslim Students Associations, that not only strive to cater to the needs and interests of Muslims and those wanting to learn more about Islam, but are also active in the political areas of the Muslim community.

Halal restaurants also have a strong presence in Montréal, with a vast array of Halal restaurants scattered across the city, making them easily accessible from almost any area. St-Leonard is an area brimming with over 100 Halal Restaurants, 26 markets and 36 Mosques within a 16km radius, making it one of the Montréal Muslim community’s most prominent areas. This, however, does not mean you are limited to this area only to look for great Halal food. Halal derives its meaning from the Arabic word for “permissible”; this means the food follows the guidelines laid out in the Qur’an. The disallowed foods of Islam are called Haram, in Arabic meaning “forbidden”, and include animals that were not slaughtered correctly, in the name of Allah, animals that were dead before they were slaughtered, blood or blood by-products, pork and their by-products, alcohol, amongst others. Interestingly, and although to some it may seem taboo, the Halal way of animal slaughter is one of the most humane methods, assuring that the animal suffers the least amount of pain. From a quick meal, to an enjoyable sit-down evening dinner, there is no question that with the city’s vast array of Halal restaurants, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Halal Restaurants of Montréal:

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