Favorite Spring Activities In and Around Montreal

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With the snow melted away and the flowers beginning to bloom, spring is the perfect time for Montreal newcomers to explore the amazing leisure activities the city has to offer. Montreal may have a reputation for being a playground for winter sports and activities, but  in spring we love to trade our heavy winter coats and boots for t-shirts and sunglasses. Here’s a list of five fabulous spring activities to enjoy in and around Montreal.

1. Visit a Sugar Shack

Quebec is the sugar shack (aka: Cabanas À Sucre) capital of the world! At these special attractions, sap from maple trees is transformed into delicious maple syrup and candies, and families and friends gather at long communal tables in cabins to enjoy huge brunches slathered with sugary syrup. It’s an invitation to go ahead and indulge in celebration of spring. There are dozens nestled into the forests of the province, and many are located close to Montreal. So go ahead and plan a trip to La Cabane chez Jean, Cabane À Sucre Au Pied De Cochon, Cabane À Sucre ConstantinÉrablière Charbonneau, or one of the other many local sugar shacks. You and your sweet tooth won’t be disappointed!

2. Picnic in the Park

Montreal is known for its amazing city parks, which in the spring serve as gathering places for thousands of locals who want to soak up the sun for a leisurely afternoon, play a game of football, and enjoy picnics. Montreal has 17 large parks scattered throughout its neighborhood, as well as dozens of smaller parks. The huge Mont Royal Park is a favorite for light hiking. Parc Jean-Drapeau, located on its own island, boasts a beach, an amusement park, the city’s biggest outdoor music venue and so much more. Other popular destinations include La Fontaine Park in the Plateau, Agrignon Park in Le Sud-Ouest, and Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park, a regional park on the West Island. Pack your favorite picnic delicacies (and even a nice bottle of wine) and find a park near you!

3. Watch Butterflies Go Free

Nothing says spring like the release of beautiful butterflies, ready to take flight. From mid-Februrary to the end of April, at the Botanical Gardens, witness thousands of butterflies breaking out of their chrysalises and spreading their wings. Each day, between 100 and 200 newly hatched butterflies emerge. In total, there are up to 2,000 butterflies, of 75 different species from around the world (from places like Costa Rica and Tanzania) in the greenhouse at once.  This all-day event is perfect for children, families and even a date!

4. Shop at a Public Market

Montreal’s favorite public farmer’s markets, including Atwater Market and Jean Talon Market, may be open all year around, but they truly come to life in the spring when hundreds of locals flock to them. What better time of year than the first beautiful, warm days of the season to tantalize your senses with rich flavors and sweet aromas.  Explore the many local venders that sell cut flowers, fresh produce, fish and meats, and locally-made craft items and baked goods.  There are often live music performers and children’s activities to enjoy. Montrealers flock to these lively destinations, which serve as both a shopping trip and a social event, and you should too!

5. Hop on a Bixi

When the weather gets warm, exploring Montreal’s beautiful landscape of canals, streets and parks the perfect way to connect with your new home town while getting a workout too. If you don’t own your own bicycle, don’t fret. Montreal’s Bixi system allows you to easily hop on and off a public bike. Bixi docking stations hold plenty of bikes and are conveniently located about every 500 meters in Downtown Montreal. For just $5 per day, you are free to pick up a bike with an electronic key or code, ride it, then  drop it off at your next destination. By using Bixis, you won’t have to worry about theft or rain, and they accommodate anyone, going anywhere in the city. Enjoy!

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