Canadian Museum of History

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The museum of Canadian History is located in the town of Gatineau near Quebec City. It is famous all around the country and is a must when visiting Canada. Its collection is very complete and the museum present each year numerous of exhibitions on everything.

It was officially created in 1856 by the Geological Survey of Canada, a scientific agency studying geology in Canada. At first, the museum was built to be only a geological museum, but victim of its own success, the museum begin to expand and present other exhibition about people, culture, etc.

The main subject in this museum is obviously Canada history, with numerous of permanent exhibitions about Canadian people through the years, Canadian culture, Canadian landscapes, etc. The museum is full of ancient and rare items.

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There are also a lot of temporary exhibitions set up each year about other parts of Canada’s history or world history. It is really interesting that you can learn about other civilizations while visiting this museum and learn so much things about Canada.

The museum contains also the Canadian Children’s Museum, the Canadian War Museum, the Canadian Postal Museum, and the Virtual Museum of New France. This virtual museum is a fantastic source of information and culture online accessible for everyone from a computer.

The museum of Canadian History is the most visited museum in Canada with more than 1 million visitors in 2014-2015. If you plan to go to Quebec don’t miss the opportunity to visit this amazing museum! For more information, click here.

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