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Boarding School in British Columbia

No matter where you are relocating to in Canada, you may decide that boarding school is right for your children. If this option is for you, British Columbia offers some of the most beautiful campuses in the country; your children will be able to experience the west coast, and all that its education has to offer.

There are a range of different boarding school options available such as special needs, religious, military, single sex, co-ed, and so on, so finding something that suits your beliefs, needs, and your children will not be difficult.

A big advantage of boarding schools is that the teacher-to-student ratio is significantly higher than it is in the public system. This, in most cases, will allow and encourage students to develop good time-management skills and study habits, as well as confidence in academics and sports. In fact, statistically, students who attend boarding schools for their education have a higher success rate in academia and social life, both in their present and in their future endeavours.

In British Columbia, the price of boarding school ranges between about $12,000 and $65,000 depending on the institution, and most only offer boarding for children from grades 6-12. However, if you are living in British Columbia, your child can attend a boarding school as a day student starting at a younger age. This is another option that may be appealing to you if you are interested in a private school education for your children.

If you are living in Québec, another positive aspect of attending a boarding school in British Columbia is that your children will be able to complete grade 12 and therefore enter directly into university – if your children are older, this may be an option for their education that they want to consider, rather than doing the CEGEP in Québec.

While it may be scary to be away from home at first, boarding school will allow your children to grow, learning independence and other important lessons that will help them throughout their entire lives. So don’t forget British Columbia when you’re weighing up education options.

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