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BIXI is a service available for anyone who wants to discover or simply cross the city of Montréal by bike. In winter, only a few bike stations are open, because few people are brave enough to cycle in the Canadian snow. More are available in the spring, starting at the beginning of April, but it also depends on weather conditions, until Mid-November. It is accessible to everyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BIXI has 540 bike stations and 6200 bikes in Montréal.

The principle is simple; Follow the steps:

  • Find a station, choose the icon representing a bicycle, read and accept the usage contract
  • Pay with your credit card. You’ll pay a deposit of $100 (for up to 10 days), and you can choose a day pass, one-way trip or a number of various trip packages. Your credit card serves to identify you as a user, and you are allowed a maximum of 4 accesses per credit card at any one time.
  • Print or view your unlocking code on the screen.
  • Enter your unlocking code on the keypad of the bike dock of your choice.
  • To release the bicycle, look at the green light turn on and pull the handlebars firmly.
  • Your time start now!
  • When you finish your travel, return the bike to a BIXI station and push the front wheel firmly into any empty bike dock. Be careful of the green light!


–          1 year: $91.00

–          90 days: $57.00

–          30 days: $32.00

–          1 day: $5.00

0-45 min: included

46-60 min: +$1.80

61 min or more: +$3.00 (per 15 mins)

–          72 hours: $15.00

–          24 hours: $7.00

0-30 min: included

31-45 min: +$1.80

46 min or more: +$3.00 (per 15 mins)

The users’ average age is between 24 and 35 years old, although it is common to see people of all ages using the service.

BIXI is present in 11 districts of the city of Montréal, Longueuil and Westmount. In 2017, an estimated 4.8 million trips were made by BIXI.

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