Beers from Quebec

Big drinkers welcome to Quebec! Ok, no misunderstanding, I’m not saying that Quebecers are alcoholic but, in Quebec,  beers can down a little easier than in other countries.

Even though there are all different kinds of alcohol in Quebec, beers from Quebec have always been well accepted.

Beers in Quebec are of all different kinds as, due to Quebec’s weather, Quebecers have developed their beer industry (grapes wouldn’t grow with this ever changing weather…)

Jean Talon popularized beers in Quebec as he built a brewery in 1668, in order to save money (Quebec used to spend a lot of money on wines). The first micro brewery to get a traditional brewery permit in Quebec was “Le Cheval Blanc”.

Beers in Quebec will please everybody; whether you prefer stout, pale or brown ale; you will find your beer!

It would be too long to name all of them but I can name the most popular breweries in Quebec:

  • Labatt

Soft beers, 5% beers; Labatt now belongs to AB InBev (trade company based in Belgium; owns 25% of the global market: Leffe, Budweiser, Jupiler, Beck’s…)

  • Molson

Molson Export is a bit sweet and has a golden colour; it is the most popular in Canada.

  • Cheval Blanc

Cheval Blanc is the name of a renowned pub in Montreal and of Quebec’s first brewer to get a traditional permit. The amber beer has a hint of caramel and maple.

  • McAuslan

Griffon extra pale ale has hints of honey. Saint Ambroise apricot wheat ale blends various barley malts with malted wheat and natural apricot essence.

If you want to taste traditional brews, here are a few good places:

  • Benelux – Montreal

  • Dieu du ciel – Montreal

  • Brutopia – Montreal

  • Sainte Elisabeth – Montreal

  • Microbrasserie d’Orléans – Quebec City

  • L’inox, Maitres Brasseurs – Quebec City

You want to know my favorite beer from Quebec? It is the Apple beer named “Éphémère”.

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