After the Winter Olympic Games were held in Vancouver in 2010, Vancouver set a new goal for itself for 2011-2020:

Becoming the greenest city in the world ever!

Located between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is surrounded by nature. However, due to urbanization, climate change and population growth, the city had to establish an action plan to go hand-in-hand with its environment. The core of the project is to guarantee the quality of life that Vancouverites currently enjoy and ensure it lasts in the long-term.

Whether you are traveling to or settling in Vancouver, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a number of pedestrianized streets, a great bike-friendly atmosphere, and an efficient public transportation system.  There are green areas all over Downtown, and plants and gardens being nurtured in courtyards, roofs and terraces all over the city.

The idea of the 100 mile diet is an additional concept, which aims at eating only local food (from within 100 miles of your house). It fits in the green targets of Vancouver’s action plan, because it diminishes the amount of garbage and transportation costs worldwide. And it’s a perfect occasion to stroll through the large number of local fresh markets in Vancouver.

In total Vancouver’s action plan covers 10 major groups of targets, which apply to different aspects in the daily life of its inhabitants.

Join us and cross fingers for Vancouver to become the model for more Canadian cities, showing that it is possible to reconcile big cities and nature into harmonious coexistence.

Want to know more, check this video from the official campaign.

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