Private School in Westmount, Montreal

If you’re looking for a Private school in Montreal for your children, Westmount has a number of notable choices. As one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Montreal, there are a number of private schools for boy, girls, and co-ed available to choose from.

One of the best all girls schools in Westmount, and also ranked in the top 25 private schools in Canada is Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramps School. This private girls schools with just under 400 students, K-11, that aims to teach through a variety of different areas – athletics, academics and the arts – so as to provide a well rounded and complete education. Competence, connectedness and confidence are the values this school was founded upon, and continues to instill in young women.

Selwyn House is one of Montreal’s foremost all-boys schools. Founded in 1908, and providing education from K-11, its goal is to produce strong young men, who are socially aware, and accomplished in all areas of education. Their Veritas, or truth, is founded on being, (amongst other things), empathetic, compassionate, aware, committed and respectful towards ones self, others and one’s school.

St George’s School of Montreal is a great choice if you are looking for a private school that is a little more creative. This private school is co-ed, and non-denominational, with a free spirited approach to learning. Their philosophy is based on education that is flexible and individualized, the premise that education comes from doing, and they aim to challenge each student to independently excel while respecting the rights and learning practices of others.

Aside from the three mentioned above, there are numerous other private schools in Westmount, Montreal that provide children from K-11 (and in some cases such as Lower Canada College, K-12) with a great education.

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