Visas for Business Relocation to Canada

If you are interested in business relocation to Canada, it is important to be informed about visas for business relocation, so that you can apply for the one that is right for you. While visas can be a confusing, the information below for the basics of different visas for business relocation to Canada will be very helpful.

Economic Applicants: Business Immigration

Investors: (All provinces except Quebec)

– Demonstrate adequate business experienced

– Have a minimum net worth of $800,000

– Be willing and able to invest at least $400,000 – this money is loaned to the Canadian government for 5 years, after which the money is returned without interest

– Must show certain types of professional experience within the past 2-5 years

– Need 35 points out of the 6 categories by which skilled workers are assessed

Exceptions in Quebec:

◦      Accepts applicants with management experience in a government office or non-governmental organization

Entrepreneurs: (All provinces except Quebec)

– Conditional visas for business relocation – this means you need to have a company in operation with at least one Canadian employee withing a 2 year period.

– Must have experience in owning and managing a company that will create jobs and contribute to the Canadian economy

– Demonstrate that the applicant has the funds to start a business and provide for ones family for a reasonable period of time.

– Have a minimum net worth of $300,000

– Must demonstrate business experience

– Show that you have run your own company for 2 out of the past 5

– Need 35 points out of the 6 categories by which skilled workers are assessed

Exceptions in Quebec:

◦      Does not require company ownership to qualify as an entrepreneur

◦      Accepts 3 years of business management experience


– Must show intention and ability over past 2 out of 5 years to create their own employment

– Must demonstrate they have enough money to support their proposed work in Canada

– Acceptable fields include: farming, athletics, cultural (etc)

Exceptions in Quebec:

◦      Must have minimum assets of $100,000 – this can be accumulated through the work of the applicant and his/her accompanying spouse

Applying as a skilled worker in Quebec:

– Must have assured employment – this means a valid job offer from an employer

– Must have skills in an occupation that is in demand in Quebec or meet the requirements of the “Employability and Occupational Mobility” category.

– Requirement to appear for an interview with a provincial immigration officer.

For more information about visas for business relocation to Canada, take a look at Canada Business and Government of Canada, and see ARIANNE’s blog about The Basics of Business Relocation to Canada.

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