Where to get alcohol in Montreal

If you haven't been in Montreal long, you're probably still learning your way around the city. Some things obviously work differently here in French Canada. One of the unusual local policies concerns when and where you can buy or consume alcohol. Whether it's been an especially difficult week or perhaps a day worth celebrating, [...]

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Learning French in Montreal

A dynamic, cosmopolitan city with so much going for it, tourists and immigrants flock to Montreal from all over the world. But not everyone understands the importance of the French language in this North America city. In fact, French is the official language for business, government and education in Montreal and throughout the Province [...]

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11 Strange facts about the Montreal Metro stations

In a city the size of Montreal, with nearly 2 million residents and more than 10 million tourists passing through every year, an effective public transportation network is essential. And the Montreal Metro system gets the job done. More than just a utility service that moves a million people a day from point A [...]

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Alternative Education in Montreal

When relocating to a new country with a young family, one of your top concerns is likely to be finding the right school for the children. Many parents will be completely satisfied with Canada's mainstream education system, which has very high standards. But some families are interested in an alternative approach. In Montreal, and [...]

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The REM train and Montreal real estate

In April 2018, construction began on the Réseau express métropolitain, or REM train, in Montreal. The massive, $6 billion infrastructure project promises to bring huge improvements to the city's public transportation network, with more tracks, new metro stations, and links with suburban neighbourhoods not previously connected to Montreal's rapid transit system. The REM project [...]

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French and English neighbourhoods of Montréal

In the city of Montréal, and throughout the Province of Québec, the official language of commerce and administration is French. Ever wondered why they call it French Canada? But seriously, for all practical purposes, Montréal is a bilingual city, a melting pot of anglophones, francophones and a huge population of immigrants. Exploring the city, [...]

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Close up on Westmount, Montreal

If you're new to Montreal, it's important to understand that this is a city of neighbourhoods. One of the most ethnically diverse urban areas in North America, Montreal has its English-speaking communities and then it has its French neighbourhoods. And then you have a whole spectrum of ethnic neighbourhoods populated primarily by first and second [...]

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Where to live when moving to Canada

Moving to Canada might be the biggest decision of your life. And we'd like to think it's also the best decision of your life. Canada is an incredible country, filled with wonderful people, natural beauty, economic opportunity and political stability. But that doesn't mean moving there will be easy. You may encounter obstacles, and you [...]

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