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Bedbugs in Canada

Have you ever heard of bedbugs? These bloodsucker insects enjoy the comfort of your warm house. They invade your bed at night to suck your blood without warning, and leave you covered with itchy bite marks to scratch all day!

If you suffer from an invasion of bedbugs, rapid action is crucial.

First, you need to call your landlord to advise him or her. Landlords are normally responsible for calling a professional exterminator, but we advise you to call one too.

In the meanwhile, lower the temperature of your room (or the entire apartment if possible): it will slow down their reproduction cycle (bedbugs cannot lay their eggs if it’s too cold).

After the extermination, you will have to wash and dry all your bed sheets (and clothes) at high temperature.

There are several other, less traditional procedures to help eliminate these pests, including bedbug-sniffing dogs!

If you are worried about coming to Canada because of bedbugs, feel free to explore this website, where all places (apartments and hotels) having suffered or suffering an invasion are registered.

For more information on bedbugs and their extermination, see here.

Now, good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Photo Credit: Piotr Naskrecki (Wikipedia)

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