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Everybody has prejudice before moving to Canada. If not prejudice, most of us have an image of lakes, snow, maple leafs (not talking about hockey here, sorry guys!), moose and some other clichés…even if all of them are more than clichés. Weather in Canada is always changing, and no need to listen to Meteo Media, most of the times they predict sun, it’ll rain and will be warm when rain is expected…

Knowing that Canada is the second largest country in the world, it is not easy to describe the weather in Canada in one word. However, as most Canadians live hundreds of kilometres from the USA frontier, the climate they have is similar to the one in the north of the USA.

Even though the north of Canada is extremely cold as it is just south of the Arctic Circle, only few people live in that region.

The weather in Canada plays with extremes. If you don’t like snow, you should maybe rethink about moving to Canada. Indeed, winters are very cold and the temperature often drops below 30°C. That being said, British Columbia benefits from a milder weather and lower snow in winters.

Nevertheless, summers are hot! In Quebec and the southern parts of Ontario, they are hot and humid. I remember myself not being able to move from my sofa…

Quick facts:

The hottest day in Canada’s history: July 5, 1937; 45°C (113°F); in Midale and Yellow Grass (Province of Saskatchewan)

The coldest day in Canada’s history: February 3, 1947; -63°C (-81°F); in Snag (Province of Yukon)

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