Travel to Canada with your pets

You’ve got your visa, everything is packed, you are getting all excited and then, you turn your head and realize you just forgot Max. Yes, you were just about to forget about planning how to deal with your cat or dog on the plane!

Travelling with pets can be difficult; everything should be planned early enough as it might take up to few months until you are allowed in the country.

When you decide to travel with pets, it’s not just a question of being with a cat or dog on the plane, there is a whole preparation process and many things you need to be aware of.

If you travel with a dog or cat between the ages of three and eight months, Canadian immigration services require rabies certification. If you come from a rabies-free country (here is a link to find out, you may come with your dog / cat, as long as you have an export certificate issued in either English or French.

You have to know that your dog / cat will have an examination to ensure the vaccination is current and the animal description matches (it costs $30 + tax for the first pet and $5 + tax for each additional dog / cat).

Travelling with pets, Fare Compare CEO (video)

Apart from administrative matters, don’t forget that when you travel with pets, they can get just as sick as you. To prevent that, you can give them some medicine.

Remember that you can’t always travel with your cat or dog on the plane, depending on the companies; you might be able to keep a small dog or a cat with you in the cabin, while bigger ones will have to be in the checked baggage compartment.

Contact your company soon enough to ensure your pet will be on the same flight as yours and so that you know the fares.

Some companies don’t travel with pets during the peak winter period and most of them assume no responsibility for the care of feeding of the pets while in transit.

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