How to get the canadian citizenship

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If you have been settled in Canada for a few years and feel an appartenance to this country, maybe it is time for you to apply for Canadian citizenship.It is not something that you can ask like that and you need to be really prepared to apply.

First you need to determinate if you are eligible to become a Canadian citizen. You must :

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be a permanent resident
  • have lived as a permanent resident in Canada for at least 4 years out of the 6 last years
  • speak and write english or french
  • have been physically present in Canada for 183 days of each year during the 4 years period
  • have filed correctly your taxes during at least 4 years in the last 6 years
  • have a clean criminal record

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If you meet all these criterias you can apply for the Canadian citizenship. You will need to go on the government website and download all the forms that you will fill out for you and your children if you have children. You will have also to gather all the required documents, pay the fees, and mail the application. After your request have been approved, which can take a while, you will be called for a test about your knowledge of Canada. To obtain citizenship you must pass this test and be well prepared. On the government website you will find everything about the test like the electronic book “Discover Canada”.

Succeeding the test is the last step for Canadian citizenship, after that you will only have to wait until you are called for the ceremony where you will have to swear the oath and be officially welcomed in the big Canadian family!

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