Winter in Montréal 101: How to dress for the cold

Your first winter in Montréal may come as a surprise, as it is hard to fathom just how cold it can get. Here are a few things that are extremely important to consider when preparing for the winter season in Montréal.

Jackets for winter in Montréal:

A good winter jacket (or three) is the landmark of a Montréaler’s closet. When purchasing a winter jacket here are some things that you should look for:

  • Materials: it might look pretty, but the best jackets for winter are sturdy, heavyweight, made from thermal material. (Faux) fur lined coats are also a good choice, as well as down-filled jackets.
  • Look for water repellent, waterproof, windproof and breathable materials to keep you comfortable.
  • A hood always comes in handy to keep your head warm, and insulated pockets for keeping your hands toasty if you’re not wearing gloves.
  • It’s worth splashing out on a good-quality jacket, as trying to keep low-cost and forfeiting warmth-factor is not worth it when faced with – 40 C temperatures.

Boots for winter in Montréal:

A sturdy and warm pair of boots is another must in a city like Montréal:

  • The sole of the shoe is important: boots with traction will help you walk in ice and snow without slipping.
  • Materials: as with a jacket, thermal and (faux) fur lined boots are great for keeping your feet warm in the cold.
  • Heel height: be aware of how high the heel of the shoe – if you want a high heel remember that you will be walking on icy roads and through snow, which can get precarious at times.

Other Tips for winter in Montréal:

  • You’ll want to invest in gloves – leather, thermal or wool are all adequate to withstand the winter’s cold.
  • A hat or earmuffs are a must.
  • Scarves will come in handy to stop the cold wind blowing down your neck, or even to cover your face against the wind.
  • Layering is important – when going indoors into buildings or onto public transport you will notice it is rather warm. This contrast with freezing temperatures outdoors will mean that under your winter jacket you’ll want to have lighter clothes on, like a sweater, t-shirt or tank top, so you’ll be comfortable in the heated indoors without your coat on.
  • Take your jacket off when you’re indoors even if you are chilly. This will let your body warm up to room temperature and prevent you from feeling so cold when you venture back outside.
  • Always check the temperature before you go outside – sun in winter doesn’t mean it will be warm outside.

The cold months in Montréal are beautiful when you’re nice and warm in a good jacket and boots, a pair of gloves, and a stylish scarf to combat the cold!

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