A week-end getaway in a cottage in Quebec

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One of the most typical things to do when you live in Canada is to leave for a week-end in a cottage to discover the beauty of the country. As the landscapes are changing with the seasons, you can go any time of the year.

There are many ways to spend a week-end in a cottage, the best being of course to own one where you can put your own furniture and go whenever you want. You can also be very lucky and maybe know somebody who owns a cottage and can lend it to you for the week-end. Most people actually rent a cottage because it is not very expensive depending on the periods.

Obviously the best cottages are the one located close to a lake. In the summer you can paddleboat, kayak, water ski, or simply swim the lake, and in winter you can walk with snowshoes on the frozen lake or even ice fish. There are also a lot of beautiful walks to take in nature to discover the forest and its amazing colors. You don’t need to go too far away from Montreal or Quebec to find a good cottage in the midst of nature: one hour away in the Laurentian, Lanaudière or the Eastern Townships.

Cottage 2012
You can find a cottage on different websites like cottagesrental.com or chaletauquebec.com where you can search by selecting different criteria: close to a lake, a golf course, a ski station ; choose the number of rooms, if you want a spa, and of course the price. You can also look for cottages on classified ads websites like kijiji.ca.

Discovering the Quebec countryside from a cottage adds a certain charm to the adventure because you will feel like home in a completely new universe!

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