What to do when you get sick

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Feeling sick today? If you are a newcomer in the country, you may panic a little and wonder what to do. Don’t worry, the system is really well organized and you will be taken care of rapidly.

At first you have to know where to go. If you have a family doctor, this is of course the first person that you should call to have an appointment. This is the easiest solution because your doctor already knows you and often you can have an appointment in the day or the day just after and at a precise time, you will not have to wait.

But if you don’t have a family doctor, you must go to the closest CLSC. To find the CLSC the closest to your home you can visit this website. The CLSC is a walk-in clinic in a first come first served basis, be ready to wait for long hours unless you come really early. If you are severely injured or feel really bad, of course, you need to go to the hospital.

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In every case, at the end of the consultation you don’t have to pay because you are assured by the health insurance, you just have to present your RAMQ’s card. For other medical urgencies like dental care most of the treatments are covered by the insurance but some are not. You will find more information about dental care here, and for optometric services click here.

The health system in Quebec is made to be the easier possible, when you are covered by the RAMQ you have almost nothing to pay, the only thing is to know where to go when you are sick.

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