Travelling in Canada by car or by plane

You arrived in Canada, and, as we all did, you want to discover Canada, see by yourself what you read in tourist guides, try the famous poutine and other typical Canadian dishes.

Other than travelling by bus or train, you can also discover Canada by car or by plane.

Travelling by car is an exquisite and unique pleasure. You are free to stop whenever you want to, go to a place or another, while observing infinite landscapes.

In Quebec, like anywhere else in the world (as far as I know), there  are highway rules. Some might be the same as the ones of your home country, while some might be different. You will also notice that the road signs can be slightly different … or surprising.

Here are a few important highway rules:

Speed limit:

In Quebec, the highway rules express the speed limit in kilometres. In town, it is limited to 50 km/h; 90 km/h on the main roads; 100 km/h on highways.

Blood Alcohol level:

It is limited to 80 milligrams for 100 millilitres of blood; what means 0.08. Drunk driving is considered as a criminal offence.


There are “stop” signs at each intersection; generally, the rule is that the first at the intersection is the first to go. When stopping at a “stop” sign or at a traffic light, don’t stop at the light but before the intersection (look at the road markings) or you will be caught between the other cars.

Traffic lights:

In Quebec like in many countries, there are three colours: green, orange, red. The orange light shows that the light is going to turn red. There is also a light for pedestrians, with a timer. The timer tells you when the light will turn red; when the light is about to turn red, a “hand” will appear, telling you that it might be dangerous to cross the road.

But if you don’t have your driver’s license yet (don’t be ashamed, I don’t and so do many stars) or you don’t want to spend hours driving, there are several airline companies in Canada. The plane remains a good option as it is much faster than the car and you can find cheap flights, according to the period or the destination you choose. Depending on the country you come from, the airline companies will offer you different services.

Canada has a lot of different airline companies; some of them fly worldwide while others fly within Canada only; here are the main Canadian companies:

  • Air Canada, Canada’s national airline company, it is the world’s seventh largest passenger airline by fleet size. The   company flies to 15 domestic destinations and 81 international destinations in 33 countries.
  • Air Transat, it serves 90 destinations in 25 countries. Its main base is Montreal’s international airport.
  • Sun Sky Airline, it is one of the country’s low cost airline companies. It flies to North Africa, North America, Europe and the Caribbean Islands.
  • WestJet Airlines, it is a low cost company based in Calgary.
  • Provincial Airlines, airline company based in St John’s; Newfoundland and Labrador. The company flies to 15 different destinations within Canada, mainly in Newfoundland and Labrador but has three destinations in Quebec: Blanc Sablon; Montreal and Sept Iles.
  • First Air, airline company based in Kanata; Ontario. The company flies to 85 destinations within Canada.

Depending on the airline companies, you might ask for special menus and special seats.

Don’t hesitate to compare the prices on flight comparison websites such as: ; or

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