Arriving in Canada by boat

If you are reluctant to take a plane or if you just want to spend some time on a boat in the middle of the ocean, you may choose to come to Canada by boat.

Travelling to Canada by boat is a very special experience that you will remember all your life, and it is also a good opportunity to bring more of your personal belongings with you without having to ship them separately. Some companies even allow passengers to bring as much as their cabins can hold; others have weight restrictions. The best thing is contact the company directly.

The cost of a trip on a boat is generally more expensive than travelling by plane. As the meals are included; you can plan to spend between $80 and $140/day.

Several companies offer to travel to Canada by boat; some offer it as a cruise and some cargo ships also take passengers (if you choose to travel on a cargo ship; as a paying passenger you are accommodated in guest cabins and have access to most areas of the ship).

You can chose to come from many cities in the world to either the Atlantic coast or the Pacific coast. If you come from Europe, it will take you between seven to ten days.

Here are some companies offering their services:

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