Finding a hotel in the province of Québec

There are many different and attracting landscapes in the province of Québec; but we all have different needs and expectations when visiting a place: be sure you’ll find everything you need in Québec!

From backpacker dorm to five-star hotel, Québec offers a lot of very different accommodations, all in their own kind, in order to provide a relaxing or more dynamic stay, depending on what you’re looking for. From Montréal’s Ritz Carleton to the European sumptuousness of the Hotel de la Montagne, to the grand backcountry resorts, such as the Gite Mont St. Albert in the Parc de la Gaspesie; all these singular accommodations will make your stay very special.

As ever, knowing the possibilities offered by the province of Québec, the choice of style or location mainly depends on you.

If you choose a hostel, it will cost you about $20 / night in a dormitory and around $50 / night for a private bedroom.

A single room in a bed and breakfast costs between $60 and $100 / night, while a double room will cost between $70 and $200 / night.

A single room in a hotel generally costs between $60 and $100 / night, while a double room will cost between $60 and $200 / night.

The price depends mainly on the area; the east side being generally cheaper than the west side as it is a bit far from downtown and has fewer events.

If you are looking for an atypical experience, there are many options; for example, Hotel de Glace (pictured above). This hotel will surprise you as it is all made of ice and snow. Every year, the whole hotel is redesigned and rebuilt in its entirety.

Montréal’s Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel is another good experience. Indeed, John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their famous ‘bed-in’ in 1969 in Suite 1742, where the song Give Peace a Chance was written and recorded.

The room, composed of a bedroom and a living room, features memorabilia made of press articles, framed gold records and pictures of the famous couple; it can receive up to two persons.

To find more hotels throughout Québec, here is the link to the tourism information office:

Photo credits: Wikipedia (Ice Hotel chapel)

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