Duty free allowances

Everyone knows “Duty Free”; products without taxes that you can buy at the airport or on the plane, such as alcohol, perfumes and cigarettes. Even if the prices are so attractive that you are tempted to stock up, all duty free products are controlled by customs and quotas.

Indeed, exports and imports of duty free products are regulated; there are many quotas that you must respect if you don’t want to be hit with large fines.

To avoid any problems at the airport with customs here are the quotas of Europe toward Canada and of Canada toward Europe.

(Of course to bring all of these duty free in your baggage, you must be of legal age in the country / province of importation.

Quotas Canada to Europe

  • Multipack of cigarettes (200 cigarettes): 1 multipack /person
  • Smocking tobacco: 250g /person
  • Cigar: 50 cigars /person
  • Cigarillos : 100 cigarillos /person
  • Wine: 4L /person
  • Beer: 16L /person
  • Alcohol (<22%): 2L /person
  • Hard liquor (>22%): 1L /person

Be careful, you are allowed to import all the alcohol you want at the same time, within the quotas, but only one of the tobacco products.

For other goods, such as perfume, coffee, tea and electronics, you may import up to the value of €430.

Quotas from abroad to Canada

  • Multipack of cigarettes (200 cigarettes): 1 multipack /person
  • Smocking tobacco: 200g /person
  • Cigar: 50 cigars /person
  • Wine: 1.5L /person
  • Alcohol: 1.1L /person
  • Beer: 8.5L / person

The Canadian legislation is slightly different from France, in that you are only allowed to import one type of alcohol per person.

In Europe or Canada, if you exceed the legal quotas, you will have to pay taxes on all additional products.

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