Moving Day in Quebec

Every year, July 1st just tastes the same: while some celebrate Canada Day, others are busy sweating, exhausting themselves, carrying heavy boxes: welcome to Quebec’s moving day!

A lot of people who decided to move to Montreal or live in Montreal don’t know why most of the leases start on July 1st. To be informative but brief, here is the little story:  Before 1975, leases used to end on May 1st but many families found that date inconvenient as they had to enrol their children in a new school for the few weeks left of class they had. The term for leases was then fixed to July 1st…Now you know the “Why” of moving day!

If you have to move on July 1st, here is what you might notice:

–          A huge rise in the prices of vehicle rental. A van that would cost $30 for the day will cost about $150 on July 1st; on top of that you can easily add from 10 to 20 cents per kilometre – I forgot to mention that the $150 rental will only allow you to have the vehicle for a few hours-

–          Furniture and televisions on the streets: while some are shaking off their sofas, others are trying and carry them on their skinny backs (everybody gets something out of moving day!)

–          Abandoned pets on the streets; SPCA gets snowed under the amount of work they have.

Here are a few useful tips to move on July 1st without drama (or the least possible):

–          Try and look for a place before June (ideally even before May), the closest we get to July 1st, the more landlords get picky: no pets, credit report requirement, rise of the rent…

–          Try and rent a vehicle the soonest you can, you can even rent it from the US border, it’s only an hour away from Montreal and with unlimited mileage you will avoid the crisis!

–          Think about getting your telephone, internet, hydro set up soon as you might end up dirty with no phone for a few weeks if you don’t make an appointment soon enough.

–          It may sound obvious but don’t forget to measure your bulky pieces of furniture; this will avoid you sweating while trying to get a 7 feet sofa into a 5 feet door.

–          Collect boxes as soon as you know you are going to move as you don’t want to end up carrying everything in your arms…

About the Author:

Living in Montreal since 2005 after France and the United States, I want to share with you how much I love Canada and my advice to successfully immigrate to Canada!

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