Parking in Montréal

As Montréalers say: “If a parking space is free, it means you can’t park there!”

Parking your car in Montréal can be very difficult. Once you have spotted a free space (very rare), many factors have to be taken into account to know whether you are allowed to park there:

  • Changing sides (left / right according to the days).
  • Reserved area (taxi, diplomatic, pick-up/drop-off, delivery, limited to an hour, schools).
  • Seasonal rules in the summer (forbidden for a few hours on one side of the street, once or twice a week, for street cleaning) and winter (specific rules concerning snow clearing).
  • Water hydrants (5 meters rule).
  • Near a stop sign (5 meters rule).

The main challenge is to decipher parking signs in Montréal: it can be really complicated!

Some words about prices now: For street parking, there are 4 price zones ranging from $1 to $3 by hour. You can pay with coins, credit card or with your phone via the app “P$ Mobile” (Android, Blackberry, App Store).

Parking in the street seems too complicated? You can still park your car in the public parking lots across the city, which add up to approximately 3200 spaces. Prices range from $1.50 to $4 per hour.

If you’re a resident in Montréal, you can buy a yearly parking permit for your specific neighbourhood. This gives you access to the local reserved spaces and can cost between $25 and $140 per year, depending on the neighbourhood.

A few other parking tips:

  • You can park in shopping malls, although these, again, can be quite expensive. Also be aware that guards will be watching to make sure you don’t overstay your ticket.
  • Take advantage of special offers at private parking lots downtown.
  • Park your car early in the morning in the big streets near downtown.
  • Why take your car? Use public transport instead! The network is efficient and economic – you can find out more about public transport in Montréal in our blog.

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