Newspapers, again, but local newspapers

You want to be better informed about your new province? Cultural events, local commitment and the current topics of your new community are important to you? Then try and read one of the local newspapers, which will help you get a better understanding of your new environment.

Toronto Star is the largest newspaper in Canada. It supports social liberalism and has the clearest left-wing attitude of all newspapers in the country.

Toronto Sun in contrast represents the right-wing. It is conservative and populist.

The Sun in general is part of Sun Media. They offer regional editions in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Winnipeg. 24H, the free newspaper in the public transport, which was presented one week ago, is also published by Sun Media.

Le Journal de Montréal is the most representative of the local and provincial issues of Quebec and has a large audience. It supports Quebec nationalism and populism. It is the most important French language newspaper in North America.

La Presse is published in Montreal and is targeted to the middle-class. It supports federalism in Quebec which shows in its different sections, including sport, entertainment etc. Sister newspapers for other parts of Quebec are Le Soleil, La Voix de l’Est, La Tribune, Le Nouvelliste, Le Droit and Le Quotidien. They are all written in French.

The Gazette is the only English language daily newspaper in Montreal and favours Federalism.

Vancouver Sun is the most important local newspaper for greater Vancouver. Due to the huge number of Asian immigrants, a Chinese version called Taiyangbao is also available.

Ottawa Citizen changes its political position when it changes owners. Most recently it started supporting Conservatism with a center-right alignment.

Now you are all set to choose the best newspaper for you, so have a nice cup of coffee and enjoy your reading!

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