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Today thanks to modern technologies we are confronted with the latest news wherever we go. This allows us to be always up-to-date. The drawback of this development is the reliability and the overload of all these information. The traditional newspaper remains in many cases the nec plus ultra.

That’s why today we will introduce you some of the nationwide Canadian newspapers.

Let’s start with the main three English-language versions:

The Globe and Mail is the largest publication and the second daily newspaper in Canada. It has a well-respected reputation with liberal roots. Its political position is mainly centrism to economic liberalism with an increasing influence of the Conservatives in the last few years.

The National Post is a resolutely conservative daily newspaper. It was founded in 1998 in order to provide an alternative to the liberal stance of the Globe and Mail.

Union Jack is published monthly and focuses more on lifestyle, entertainment and upcoming events besides today’s world affairs. Its political alignment is a mix of conservatism, centrism and economic liberalism.

For French speakers we propose Le Devoir: it is an independent newspaper with a high emphasis on the sovereignty of Quebec and social democracy. As a consequence its main readers are located in Quebec and often belong to intellectual milieux.

Last options, mostly interesting for commuters, are the newspapers you find in the public transportation of major cities. They give a short overview of the daily news, and articles on lifestyle, entertainment, etc. They are free, because they are financed by advertising. The two dominant competitors are:

Metro, available in Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa, Montreal, Regina, Calgary, Toronto, London, Saskatoon and Windsor

24H, available in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal.

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