Service Canada

Service Canada was launched a few years ago (2005) to help people having a better access and knowledge of government services.

There are currently 77 different services than can be accessed at Service Canada Centres via internet or in person.
Whether you want to get a passport, a Social Insurance Number, find a job, or apply for Employment Insurance, Service Canada can help you.

Service Canada has offices throughout the country and help new comers with administrative matters.

You can ask them to show you resume or letter samples; you can use their computers to send emails (if you use them to play games or to go on facebook, just try and do it on one that’s not connected to the only printer in the room…)

Service Canada’s offices can be found through their website.

About the Author:

Living in Montreal since 2005 after France and the United States, I want to share with you how much I love Canada and my advice to successfully immigrate to Canada!

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