Rising educational costs in Québec’s universities

Montréal universities, well known for their teaching quality, are some of the best places to study around the world. But depending on where you are coming from, you may not pay the same price as Québec students. So let’s take a look at educational costs in Canada.

Since 1978 (until 2015), French students were subject to an international agreement that specified that they pay the same tuition as Québec students (around $3000 a year).

Students from other Canadian provinces have more expensive tuition than Québec students (around $6000 a year). French students registered in a Québec university after 2015 will have to pay the Canadian tuition rates rather than the Québec rates.

But the most expensive echelon is for international students, because without an agreement between their home country and Canada, they have to pay more than $15,000 per year for their studies.

If you are a French transferee coming to Montréal with children in early post secondary studies, please be aware that tuition fees are going to place a larger strain on your bank account than they would have done pre-2015.

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