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When relocating, finding the best schools and the proper education in Quebec for your children can be a daunting task, fortunately there are a wide range of English and French schools from K-11, both public and private to choose from. In the Quebec education system, elementary or “école primaire” is grades 1-6, and secondary or “école secondaire” is grades 7-11. You should also know that the secondary school system in Quebec ends in grade 11, at which point the student continues to CEGEP for their post-secondary degree, before choosing to continue to university.

Education in Quebec is based around the months that historically were for the harvest, summer vacation being roughly July through September. This means that the school year in Quebec begins at the end of August or in early September after labor day and goes through until late June of the following year. This may conflict with the educational calender year of the country in which you are immigrating from, but never fear, this will not affect you finding the best schools for your children and can be accommodated by your child repeating either the last few months of their current grade, or skipping the first few months of their next grade.

Some of the best schools in Quebec can be found in Montreal and the West Island. There are Sports Study, or “Sport-Études” programs offered to secondary students in grades 8-11 in which the student studies for approximately 4 hours in the morning, and the afternoon hours are reserved for their athletics . Other schools such as F.A.C.E (Fine Arts Core Education), offered to elementary and secondary students, operate in such a way as to teach the students subjects through the arts, as opposed to the classic approach to classroom education.

It is important to note that when finding a school, if neither of your child’s parents were educated in a english school in Quebec, they will need to attend a private school, or be required to attend a french public school.

More information about education in Quebec and the language laws can be found at this location

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