Who is that Tim Hortons you have coffee with every morning?

It is early in the morning; you just left the house, rushing to the next bus or subway station. Once you got on the public transport you realize that there are many people around you, holding red coffee mugs. Maybe there was just a coffee shop at the corner.

9am at work: coffee time! Looking for the nearest coffee machine, you meet some of your colleagues, and again, you glimpse many of the red coffee cups. But this time you can read the lettering on the mugs: “TIM HORTONS.”

Who is that TIM HORTONS, everybody seems to be crazy about in the morning?

We will unveil the mystery for you:

Tim Horton was a famous Canadian hockey player in the period between 1951 and 1974. In 1964 he had the idea to create a second pillar for his income, which became the Tim Horton’s Donut Shop, in which only coffee and donuts were sold. In the upcoming years the chain spread throughout the country and the name shortened to Tim Hortons.

Today Tim Hortons is the largest and most popular fast food service with over 3000 restaurants in Canada. The product range increased enormously. Besides different flavours of coffee and donuts, they also offer bagels, hot bowls, wraps, cookies, muffins and of course their famous Timbits, which are small spherical bite balls about the size of a donut hole (they ARE made with the dough of the donut holes!).

Canadians love Tim Hortons because it is associated with the successful hockey player and what’s more important, it is their national counter product to the huge number of American coffee shops and fast food chains.

Next time you see a Tim Hortons restaurant do not hesitate to enter and take your morning coffee like Canadians do! In the meanwhile, have a look at their mouth-watering menu!

In Memory of Tim Horton

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