The Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

This weekend Montreal will host the 44th edition of the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. A sweet perfume of oil and gas will fill the streets!

The lucky ones already have their tickets for the race but you don’t? No problem! You can still buy tickets online on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve’s website or at the Jean Drapeau station near the circuit (95,75 $ general admission).  You can also live the race in bars or restaurants with special offers during the event.

The Canadian Grand Prix, one of the most exciting moments of this summer in Canada, is not only dedicated to the race. In fact, the whole city is in effervescence! A brief overview to live closely or distantly the race:
The Grand Prix Festival takes place on Crescent Street in downtown Montréal. Open air live concerts, bar’s terraces in the street, a pit stop competition, race-car exhibits and autographs sessions of formers Formula One champions are some of the activities expected during the Grand Prix Festival. You can also go to the “Grand Prix on the Main” on Saint Laurent Boulevard, in the same spirit as the Festival on Crescent Street.

Don’t hesitate, the Canadian Grand Prix mark the beginning of a summer full of specials events!

For more information on the Crescent Street Program, click here.

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