The Blue Road or La Route Bleue, Montréal

The Blue Road (La Route Bleue du Grand Montréal), also known as St Lawrence water trail (sentier maritime du Saint-Laurent), is specific to the island of Montréal; it allows people to travel on the St Lawrence river with kayaks and canoes. You will discover a new side to Montréal, landscapes and a natural environment that you have never seen before. Even if you have lived in Montréal for a significant amount of time, you can definitely rediscover the city from this new point of view.

There are a number of stops on the Blue Road, including 94 sites where you can take a break, eat and rest for a while before tackling the rest of the path. Click here to see a video showing some of the delights you can expect from exploring the famous Blue Road.

There are 11 different itineraries on the Blue Road ranked by length, difficulty and time, you can find them here. If you do not have your own small shallow-draft watercraft, you can easily rent a kayak or a canoe, and you can find all addresses to do so on this website. If you’re not quite brave enough yet to paddle the St Lawrence river alone, there are some guided tours available for you to book, to help you navigate La Route Bleue‘s waterways.

You can find more information on the official Route Bleue website, so be adventurous, try something new and grab a paddle! Montréals beautiful waterways are waiting for you.

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