Sunday morning it’s brunch time!

It’s Sunday, the best day of the week: no annoying alarm clock and no obligations to fulfill today! So why shouldn’t you start this wonderful day with an authentic Canadian Brunch? Invite some of your friends over (brunch is definitely a social event here) and let’s get this started!

Here are the basic ingredients for a homemade Canadian Brunch:

Pancakes, French toast (milk-egg fried bread often served with sweet toppings, fruits and cream) sausages, bacon, hash browns, scrambled or fried eggs, coffee, not to forget the very famous maple syrup, which is used as a topping for… everything! Make sure you have enough of it!

If you have the feeling that this is already too much work, then call your friends and meet at one of our favourite brunch spots in Quebec:

Chez CORA is a restaurant chain, famous for its large offer of breakfast menus. The plates are always generous and additionally topped with fruit in abundance! You don’t believe it? Have a look at this video.

Our second choice is of course Tim Hortons, to which we dedicated an article some weeks ago. There, you must start your day with a large cup of coffee – obligatory! Then you can choose between hot and toasted bagels, oatmeal, and flavoured donuts… everything which fills your belly and makes you happy for the whole day.


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